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Metal IMTP rectangular saddle ring packing

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Metal IMTP rectangular saddle ring packing

2020-07-24 20:34:04
Metal IMTP rectangular saddle ring packing
Detailed introduction:

Chemical packing

Overview: The filler has excellent acid and heat resistance, and can withstand the corrosion of various inorganic acids, organic acids and organic solvents except hydrofluoric acid. It can be used in various high and low occasions. The application range is very wide. It can be used in chemical industry and metallurgy. , Drying tower\absorption tower\washing tower\regeneration tower in industries such as coal gas oxygen production. According to the material, it can be divided into three categories: ceramic filler, plastic filler and metal filler.

Application of chemical packing

Although there are many types of chemical fillers, they can be summarized into four types:

1. Granular filler: Granular filler is the earliest filler, made of inorganic ceramsite or quartz sand. The main advantages of this kind of filler are rough surface, easy attachment of microorganisms, and strong ability to intercept suspended solids; but its large resistance and easy clogging are its important defects!

2. Honeycomb or corrugated packing: This kind of packing is usually made of glass fiber reinforced plastic or plastic (polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, etc.). Its advantages include light weight, high porosity, high strength, good anti-corrosion performance, etc.; disadvantages: the balance of microbial growth and shedding is not well controlled, and it is difficult to obtain a uniform flow rate.

3. Spherical light ceramsite: Spherical light ceramsite is generally made of clay as its raw material, adding appropriate chemical raw materials as expansion agent, and firing at high temperature. Compared with traditional fillers, the advantages of spherical lightweight ceramsite are: high strength, large porosity, large specific surface area, appropriate density, better chemical stability, and strong biological adhesion; the disadvantages are: high energy consumption, The preparation cost is high. Our country's spherical lightweight ceramsite aerated biological filter and its combined process have been widely used in domestic sewage treatment, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, and beer wastewater treatment. In many years of practice, it has achieved outstanding effects.

4. Irregular porous packing: the previous packing includes Rasching Ring, Pall Ring, etc.; the current packing includes Hackett ball (Hacketten) and multi-faced lightweight ball, etc. The materials are made of tower internals , Ceramics, graphite, plastics and metals. The main advantages are simple structure and low price; however, uneven fluid distribution is his disadvantage.

Ceramic packing

Ceramic filler (porcelain ring) has excellent acid and heat resistance, and can withstand the corrosion of various acids and alkalis except oxyfluoric acid. Ceramic packing can be used for washing towers, cooling towers, recovery towers, desulfurization towers, drying towers, absorption towers and reactor linings in chemical, metallurgy, acid, gas, oxygen, steel, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industries.

1. Porcelain ring

Including three Y rings, Raschig rings, cross diaphragm rings, Pall rings, rectangular saddle rings, different saddle rings, conjugate rings, flat rings, and more than 40 kinds of porcelain rings.

2. Ceramic rectangular saddle ring

It belongs to the process of continuous extrusion, which has the advantages of large flux, reduced pressure and high efficiency. The rectangular saddle-ring packing bed has a large void ratio, and the arc-shaped liquid channels are mostly inside the bed, which reduces the resistance of gas passing through the bed and also reduces the radial diffusion coefficient when the liquid flows downward.

3. Ceramic step ring

The gap between the filler particles is increased, and the resistance of the gas passing through the filler layer is reduced, and these contact points can also be the convergence and dispersion points of the liquid flowing along the surface of the filler, thereby promoting the surface renewal of the liquid film and facilitating the transfer of the filler. Improve quality and efficiency.

4. Ceramic cross diaphragm ring packing

It is only suitable for neat stacking, and generally only used as the support and distribution layer of the tower bottom for random stacking. The cross diaphragm ring of Ф 80-150mm can be used as supporting material, the porosity is greater than 60%, and the number is the integral number.

5. Ceramic saddle ring packing

It is a new type of packing improved on the basis of the rectangular saddle ring packing. It has the characteristics of reduced pressure and high mass transfer efficiency. It is widely used in sulfuric acid drying towers and other tower equipment.

Metal IMTP rectangular saddle ring packing

Plastic filler

Plastic packing has the characteristics of light weight, heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc., including the tower packing made of PP, PE, RPP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF and other materials. Plastic packing has large voids, pressure drop and low mass transfer unit height. , High flooding point, sufficient vapor-liquid contact, high mass transfer efficiency, etc.

Plastic random packing

Mainly include: multi-faceted hollow ball, rosette, Haier ring, ladder ring, conjugate ring, Pall ring, rectangular saddle ring, hetero saddle ring, conjugate ring, flat ring, Raschig ring, snowflake ring, hexagonal ring, Rotating ring, pentagonal ring, cone ring, net ring, cross spherical ring, floating ball, liquid surface covering ball, diamond covering ball, etc.

Plastic structured packing

It has the advantages of light weight, large capacity, low pressure drop, high specific surface area and easy replacement. The wire mesh corrugated packing is composed of polypropylene and polyacrylonitrile yarn mixed woven mesh. Diagonal corrugated packing uses polypropylene or PVDF board. In order to improve the mass transfer efficiency, holes can be made on the board.

Product characteristics Plastic packing has the characteristics of large void ratio, low pressure drop and mass transfer unit height, high flooding point, sufficient vapor-liquid contact, and high mass transfer efficiency.

★ Application scope

Plastic packing is widely used in various mediums in petroleum, chemical, chlor-alkali, gas, environmental protection and other industries in packed towers with a temperature of 60-280°C.

Metal filler

Metal packing is tower packing made of carbon steel, stainless steel and combined gold. Metal filler has the advantages of thin wall, cold and heat resistance, large porosity, large flux, reduced pressure, small resistance, good separation effect, and long life. Although the one-time investment is slightly larger, it can fully exert the potential of the equipment. Metal packing is suitable for vacuum distillation towers to process materials that are allergic, easy to decompose, easy to close, and easy to form carbon. Metal packing is widely used in packing towers in petrochemical, fertilizer, chemical, environmental protection and other industries.

1. Metal random packing

There are three Y rings, conjugate rings, eight-four inner arc rings, flat rings, rectangular saddle rings, step rings and other products.

2. Metal Raschig ring packing

It is widely used in many fields, but the main application of metal Raschig ring packing is as a catalyst support.

3. Metal Pall ring packing

Many window holes are opened on the ring wall, so that the gas and liquid in the tower can freely pass through the window. Pall ring packing is one of the main ring packings used.

4. Metal step ring packing

Due to the reduced height and the special structure of the tapered flanging, not only the gas-liquid distribution in the packing layer is improved, but the gas-liquid contact point is increased, which is conducive to the concentration and dispersion of the liquid and the continuous renewal of the membrane surface, so that the mass transfer is strengthened and separated The efficiency is greatly improved.

5. Metal rectangular saddle ring packing

It is used to equip a new packed tower, its height is 35% lower than the plate tower, its diameter is reduced by 30%, or the efficiency is increased by 10-30%, and the pressure loss is reduced by 20-60%. Domestic dry distillation instead of wet distillation test research shows that investment can be reduced by 20%. In short, the use of a new type of ring saddle can increase productivity, reduce energy consumption or cost, and improve separation efficiency.

6. Metal Nat ring packing

It is a new type of packing newly developed. The metal Nate ring packing has the characteristics of large flux, reduced pressure, high mass transfer efficiency and large operating flexibility.

7. Metal eight-four inner arc ring packing

The metal packing similar to the garland switch is also called the Meeller ring packing. The characteristic of metal 84 inner arc ring packing is that the open area of the ring wall is large, so it has the characteristics of large flux, low resistance and high mass transfer efficiency.


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