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saddle packink

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saddle packink

2020-07-24 20:25:02
saddle packink
Detailed introduction:

Saddle-shaped packing saddle packink; s is shaped like a saddle, and the outer err of the surface curve is all open. Compared with the Raschig ring (HsL; chig rir), the liquid distribution is much more perfect, and the effective area is large, fluid Resistance is also small. It can be divided into two arc saddles and rectangular saddles. The two arc saddles have the same configuration on both sides. When stacked, they will reduce the exposed contact area and are easier to crush, so they have gradually been replaced by rectangular saddles. The shape and structure of the rectangular saddle make it not piled up when stacked, it is more pressure resistant and easier to process. Saddle-shaped fillers are mostly made of ceramics or plastics. Two ceramic rectangular saddles are a kind of ceramic particle filler with better performance. The development of metal intalox is relatively late. The bulging ring ribs are added to the foundation of the saddle-shaped groove, and several small claws are pierced from the ribs into the ring, which not only improves the strength and increases The porosity of the accumulation layer can maintain the original open structure, and has the advantages of perfect saddle-shaped packing liquid distribution and large fluid flux of annular packing. Therefore, it is also called saddle ring or ring rectangular saddle.

saddle packink


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