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Trough liquid distributor

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Trough liquid distributor

2020-07-24 20:15:59
Trough liquid distributor
Detailed introduction:

The liquid distributor is an extremely critical internal part of the packed tower, which not only affects the mass transfer efficiency of the chemical packing, but also affects the operating flexibility of the packing.

1. According to the hydrodynamics of the distributor: gravity type liquid distributor (hole type, weir type, pressure type liquid distributor, spray type, porous tube type)

2. According to the shape of the distributor: pipe type, double-layer pipe, trough type, disc type, impact type, nozzle type, pagoda type, shower type, combined type, etc.

3. According to the form of liquid leaving the distributor: orifice flow type and overflow type.

4. According to the number of liquid distribution: single-stage and multi-stage.

5. According to the combination of distributors: pipe groove type, hole groove type, groove disc type

Trough liquid distributor

The function of the liquid distributor is to uniformly distribute or redistribute the liquid on the top of the packing or at a certain height to improve the effective surface of mass transfer and heat transfer, improve the contact between phases, and thus increase the efficiency of the tower.

Experiments have proved that the flow of liquid in the packing layer is not uniform plug flow, but channel flow, bias flow, and wall flow. This will cause the amplification effect and end effect of the packed tower. The rational design and selection of the liquid initial distributor and redistributor is to reduce and prevent the amplification effect of the packed tower, thereby reducing the tower height and diameter, and reducing the cost or operation cost.

The poor distribution of column internals and liquid in the packed column is divided into large-scale and small-scale. The small-scale poor distribution is caused by the liquid channeling in the packing layer, and the large-scale poor distribution is caused by the liquid distributor, which will seriously reduce the efficiency of the entire tower. The test shows that the higher the efficiency of the packing, the greater the influence of the liquid distribution quality on the packing performance. For example, when the liquid distribution quality reaches 50%, the number of theoretical plates per meter of packing is equal to 20, the actual number of theoretical plates is only 11.5, and the number of theoretical plates per meter of packing is equal to 8, the actual number of theoretical plates is only 5.5.


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