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Ring demister

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Ring demister

2020-07-24 20:13:34
Ring demister
Detailed introduction:

The demister means that a large amount of liquid is entrained in the secondary steam during the evaporation operation. Although the separation is carried out in the separation chamber, in order to prevent the loss of useful products or contaminate the condensed liquid, it is necessary to try to reduce the entrained liquid foam. Install a defoaming device near the steam outlet. There are many forms of demisters. The frequently used forms can be installed directly on the top of the evaporator, and the less commonly used ones can be installed outside the evaporator.

Ring demister

Purpose of demister

The demister is used to separate the liquid droplets entrained by the gas in the tower to ensure the mass transfer efficiency, reduce the loss of valuable materials and improve the operation of the compressor after the tower, reduce the water content, and extend the life of the compressor, generally at the top of the tower Set up a demister. It can effectively remove 3--5um droplets. If a demister is installed between the trays, it can not only ensure the mass transfer efficiency of the trays, but also reduce the plate spacing. Therefore, the wire mesh demister is mainly used for gas-liquid separation. It can also be used for gas separation on air filters.

Working principle of wire mesh demister

When the gas with mist rises through the wire mesh at a certain speed, due to the inertial effect of the rising mist, the mist collides with the mesh filaments and is attached to the surface of the filaments. The diffusion of the mist on the surface of the filament and the gravity settlement of the mist make the mist form larger droplets and flow along the filament to the junction of the two filaments. The wettability of the filament, the surface tension of the liquid and the capillary action of the filament make the droplets larger and larger, until the aggregated droplets are so large that the gravity generated by themselves exceeds the combined force of the rising force of the gas and the surface tension of the liquid At this time, the droplet separates from the filament and falls. After the gas passes through the wire mesh demister, there is basically no mist. Separate the mist in the gas to improve operating conditions, optimize process indicators, reduce equipment corrosion, extend equipment service life, increase processing capacity and recover valuable materials, protect the environment, and reduce air pollution. Simple structure, small size, high defoaming efficiency, low resistance, light weight, convenient installation, operation, and maintenance. The wire mesh defoamer has a collection efficiency of 98%-99.8% for mist with a particle size of ≥3~5um. The pressure drop of the gas through the demister is very small, only 250-500Pa, which is beneficial to improve the production efficiency of the equipment.

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