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Liquid collector

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Liquid collector

2020-07-24 20:07:35
Liquid collector
Detailed introduction:

The liquid collector is placed under the packing layer, which can collect all the liquid. Its resistance is negligible and does not affect the uniformity of the gas distribution. Different structures can be selected according to the tower type and diameter.

The liquid mainly collected from the upper layer of packing falls onto the cover plate and then flows into the liquid guiding groove under the liquid collecting plate, and the middle horizontal groove at the bottom is the liquid collecting groove. The fixing of the liquid collecting plate is relatively simple, and it is spot welded on the collector cylinder and the horizontal groove.

Another function of the liquid collection and redistributor is to mix the liquid flowing down from different radial positions in the tower so that the liquid entering the next layer of packing has the same composition. Because in the operation process, the deviation of the air flow rate will cause the local liquid-gas ratio to be less than the minimum liquid-gas ratio and fail to reach the desired composition, which will cause a radial concentration difference in the tower section. If it is not mixed in time, it will worse and worse. Liquid collection and redistribution is to completely collect and semi-mix the liquid flowing down from the upper packing. In addition, it must evenly distribute the rising vapor to the upper packing with low resistance.

Features of liquid collection and redistributor:

There are many types of liquid collection and redistributors, which can be roughly divided into two categories: One is that the liquid collector and the liquid redistributor are independent of each other, and they respectively undertake the tasks of liquid collection and redistribution. The other is a liquid collector and redistributor that integrates the functions of liquid collection and redistribution.

Liquid redistributors include tube-type or trough-plate liquid redistributors, porous disc-type redistributors, and truncated cone-type liquid redistributors used in conjunction with louvered liquid collectors. The simplest liquid redistribution device is a truncated cone redistributor, which is simple in structure and easy to install. It is generally used in packed towers with a diameter of less than 0.6m to overcome the effect of wall flow on the mass transfer efficiency. Since the height of the designed packing layer is 8m and needs to be segmented, the porous disc liquid redistributor is selected according to the actual situation. To prevent the liquid from the upper packing layer from directly flowing into the riser, a cap should be provided on the riser.Liquid collector

When the liquid flows downward along the packing layer, there is a phenomenon that it deflects to the tower wall. This phenomenon is called wall flow. The wall flow will cause uneven gas-liquid distribution in the packing layer and reduce the mass transfer efficiency. In order to reduce the wall flow phenomenon, a liquid redistribution device can be arranged in the packing layer at a certain height.

There are mainly two types of liquid collectors: inclined plate liquid collector and pan liquid collector. The characteristic of inclined plate liquid collector is large free area and low gas resistance, generally lower than 2.5 mm liquid column, so it is very suitable for vacuum operation; The gas resistance of the disc type liquid collector is slightly larger and can be used as a gas distributor. The trough-plate liquid distributor has the functions of collecting and separating liquid, so the trough-plate liquid distributor is an excellent liquid collection and redistribution device.

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