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Fractionation tower body

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Fractionation tower body

2020-07-24 20:05:01
Fractionation tower body
Detailed introduction:

Fractionator is a tower type vapor-liquid device for distillation, also known as distillation column. The fractionation tower has two main types: plate tower and packed tower. According to the type of operation, it can be divided into continuous fractionation tower and batch fractionation tower.

Arrangement of fractionation tower

Body layout

(1) According to operating practices, the fractionation tower of small air separation equipment should not be arranged outdoors. Because the operating valves, control instruments and other manufacturing plants of these small fractionation towers were originally designed to work on site, the cold box structure is also designed for indoor installation; if it is arranged outdoors, a series of measures must be added, which is inconvenient for operation and maintenance. .

(2) For the fractionation tower installed outdoors, the width of the passage between the cold storage box and the main control room can be determined according to the specific situation, and is generally not less than two meters. If the width is too small, it will affect the layout of the drain pipes and the overhead oxygen, nitrogen and air pipes around the fractionation tower foundation, and also affect the layout of the instrument cabinet on the fractionation tower platform and the smooth flow of people. The distance between the two sets of fractionation towers is related to the layout of the internal equipment in the workshop. When the same type of equipment is centrally arranged, the distance between the fractionation towers should not be too large. In addition, when arranging equipment around the fractionation tower, the principle of leaving a large space at least on one side around the fractionation tower should still be observed.

(3) The vertical layout of the fractionation tower is actually determined by the basic practice of the fractionation tower. In order to prevent the amount of cold loss under normal or accidental conditions of the fractionation tower from being transmitted to the lower soil through the foundation, the soil is frozen and the foundation is destroyed. Three basic forms are generally used, namely, the above ground type with ventilation holes, the underground centralized ventilation type and the underground solid type.

The advantage of the foundation with vents on the ground is that it is flexible to operate. Under normal circumstances, the ambient air can be cooled by natural convection in the vent pipe to keep the foundation at a positive or nearly positive temperature. If necessary, heat can also be input by forced circulation of gas. . The disadvantage is the height difference between the platform between the machines and the floor of the main control room due to the elevated foundation. Generally, the height of the foundation above the ground is not more than one meter.

The underground centralized vent type foundation is to use nitrogen or the air of the brake fan to forcefully circulate in the vent to achieve the purpose of heat input. This type of foundation has strong adaptability, and the forced circulation has a better heat transfer effect, but it also has the disadvantages of difficult inspection and large cold damage.

The underground solid foundation all relies on the cold insulation layer to isolate the cooling capacity from the cold box. Since the thermal conductivity of thermal insulation materials and the construction conditions of the cold insulation layer are not easy to meet the theoretical requirements, the cold insulation layer of some factories is 1.5 meters thick but still cannot keep the soil under the foundation at a positive temperature; except for non-frost heave Generally, this type is not used except for natural soil.

Rectification tower, fractionation tower, fractionation tower manufacturers

Other equipment layout

(1) When arranging the nitrogen water pre-cooler unit, it should be noted that the polluted nitrogen discharged from the water cooling tower is saturated with water vapor. Therefore, the water droplets often drip with the polluted nitrogen discharged or float with the phoenix during the exhaust, so that the fractionation tower is often exposed to leaching. Rain and humidity cause corrosion of equipment and pipelines. To avoid this phenomenon, the nitrogen discharge outlet of the water cooling tower should be in the downwind direction.

(2) The piping of the heating system is complicated, and the fan runs with loud noise. Under normal circumstances, the fan should be arranged on-site with other equipment of the system (such as dryers, heaters, etc.) or in the middle of the auxiliary span close to the system equipment, but it is not desirable to place the fan downstairs in the main control room. In order to avoid running noise into the main control room. When a Roots blower is used in the heating system, a silencer should be installed on the suction side and discharge side of the blower to reduce noise. This type of silencer is available in a series of domestic products. When two sets of fractionation towers are combined with a set of heating and thawing system, the system should be arranged in the middle of the two sets of fractionation towers.

(3) The liquid oxygen system should be arranged near the fractionation tower to minimize the cold loss of the pipeline. The liquid oxygen pipeline should have good compensation ability and cold insulation layer, and the cold insulation material should not use combustible materials such as asphalt slag wool.

The liquid oxygen and liquid air discharge pit should be located near the fractionation tower on the side that does not affect the air separation foundation. The discharge pit should have a closed cover and a certain height of discharge pipe for the discharge of liquid oxygen vapor.


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