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Gas filter

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Gas filter

2020-07-24 19:23:20
Gas filter
Detailed introduction:

Gas filters are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, papermaking, medicine, food, mining, electric power, and urban water supply fields. Such as industrial wastewater, circulating water filtration, emulsion regeneration, waste oil filtration treatment, continuous casting water system in the metallurgical industry, blast furnace water system, high-pressure water descaling system for hot rolling. It is an advanced, efficient and easy-to-operate automatic filter device.


The gas filter is composed of a shell, a multi-element filter element, a backwash mechanism, an electric control box, a reducer, an electric valve and a differential pressure controller. The transverse partition in the shell divides its inner cavity into upper and lower cavities. The upper cavity is equipped with multiple filter elements, which makes full use of the filter space and significantly reduces the volume of the filter. A backwash suction cup is installed in the lower cavity . When working, the turbid liquid enters the lower cavity of the filter through the inlet, and then enters the inner cavity of the filter element through the partition hole. The impurities larger than the gap of the filter element are intercepted, and the clean liquid passes through the gap to the upper cavity, and is finally sent out from the outlet.


The gas filter, automatic sewage filter core adopts high-strength wedge-shaped filter screen, and the filter core is automatically cleaned through pressure difference control and timing control. When impurities in the filter accumulate on the surface of the filter element, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet increases to the set value, and the backwashing mechanism is driven. When the backwash suction cup port is directly opposite to the filter element inlet, the drain valve is opened, and the system discharges pressure at this time. A negative pressure area appears on the inside of the suction cup and the filter element whose relative pressure is lower than the water pressure outside the filter element, forcing part of the net circulating water from the outside of the filter element. Flowing into the inner side of the filter element, the impurity particles adsorbed on the inner wall of the filter element flow into the drum with water and are discharged from the drain valve. The specially designed filter screen produces a spray effect inside the filter element, and any impurities will be washed away from the smooth inner wall. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter returns to normal or the timer setting time is over, the material flows continuously during the whole process, and the backwashing consumes less water, realizing continuous and automated production.

Gas filter

Design Features

1. The filtering equipment adopts the internal mechanical structure of patented technology, which realizes the high-pressure backwashing function in the true sense. It can easily and completely remove the impurities trapped by the filter, clean without dead corners, without flux attenuation, and ensure the filtration efficiency and long-term Service life.

2. The filter equipment adopts 304, 316L stainless steel wedge-shaped filter screen, which has high strength, high precision and corrosion resistance, and the highest filtration accuracy can reach 25 microns.

3. The filter equipment realizes automatic backwashing through its own retrieval and response functions, which can deal with unstable water quality fluctuations without manual intervention.

4. The filter equipment has few wearing parts, no consumables, low operation and maintenance costs, and simple operation and management.

5. The filter equipment control system is sensitive and works well. The backwash pressure difference time and time setting can be flexibly adjusted according to different water sources and filtration accuracy.

6. During the backwashing process of the filter equipment, each (group) filter screens are sequentially backwashed; to ensure that the filter screens are cleaned safely and efficiently, and other filters are not affected, continue to filter.

7. The filter equipment adopts pneumatic blowdown valve, the backwashing time is short, the backwashing water consumption is small, and it is environmentally friendly and economical.

8. The filter equipment has a compact and reasonable structure design, a small footprint, and is flexible and convenient to install and move.

9. The electrical system of filter equipment adopts integrated control mode, which can realize remote control.

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