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SLF type stirred tank

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SLF type stirred tank

2020-07-24 19:10:12
SLF type stirred tank
Detailed introduction:

1. Application field of chemical mixer

● Dissolution, mixing, heat transfer, dispersion, absorption, reaction, emulsification, etc. of liquid-liquid and liquid-solid phases

● Food, medicine, chemical industry, environmental protection, petroleum

2. Industrial application examples of portable light mixer

● Butter, chocolate, soy sauce

● Cosmetics, lotions

● Pharmaceuticals, pesticides

● Dye, titanium oxide

● Wastewater treatment, wine making, crude oil, gasoline

SLF type stirred tank

3. Performance characteristics of chemical mixing equipment

● Simple structure, light weight and easy to move.

● The special inclined type makes the mixing effect and efficiency high.

● The unique clamp structure can be directly installed on the upper edge of the open container.

● Various types of mixing heads can meet different technological requirements.

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