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Static mixer

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Static mixer

2020-07-24 19:00:28
Static mixer
Detailed introduction:

Static mixer is a kind of advanced unit equipment. Unlike agitator, it has no moving parts inside. It mainly uses fluid flow and internal unit to realize the mixing of various fluids and the rationality of the special structure. Compared with other equipment such as orifice column, venturi, agitator, homogenizer, static mixer has high efficiency, low energy consumption, small size, low investment, and easy continuous production. In the static mixer, the movement of the fluid follows the law of "segmentation-displacement-overlap", and displacement plays a major role in the mixing process. The displacement method can be divided into two categories: "relative displacement caused by the same cross-sectional flow velocity distribution and "multi-channel relative displacement". The displacement methods of different types of mixers are also different. Static mixers are not only used in the mixing process. , And can be applied to processes related to mixing-transfer, including gas/gas mixing, liquid/liquid extraction, gas/liquid reaction, enhanced heat transfer and liquid/liquid reaction. Static mixers are widely used in plastics, chemical industry, Pharmaceuticals, mining and metallurgy, food, daily chemicals, pesticides, cables, petroleum, paper, chemical fiber, biology, environmental protection and other industries. Due to the low energy consumption, low investment, good effects and quick results, this product brings considerable benefits to users Economic benefits.

■ SV type static mixer

SV type unit is a cylinder assembled from corrugated plates of certain specifications. Technical characteristics: dispersion degree: 1-2μm, liquid-liquid and gas-phase unevenness coefficient: s X≤1~5%. It is suitable for the mixed emulsification, reaction, absorption, extraction and heat transfer process of liquid-liquid, liquid-gas, gas-gas with viscosity ≤102 centipoise. Dh≤3.5 is suitable for cleaning media with viscosity ≤102 centipoise  dn≥5 application media may be accompanied by a small amount of non-sticky impurities

■ SK type static mixer

The unit is welded by single-channel left and right twisted spiral pieces. Its technical performance: dispersion degree≤10um, liquid-liquid, liquid-solid phase unevenness coefficient s X≤5%. It is suitable for the processes of mixing, reaction, extraction, absorption, injection molding, color matching, heat transfer, etc. in the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, fine processing, plastics, environmental protection, synthetic fiber, mineral treatment and other sectors. It is suitable for high-viscosity media with small flow and mixed impurities or viscosity ≤ 106 centipoise.


■ SX pipe static mixer static mixer

The unit is composed of crossed horizontal bars according to a certain rule to form many X-shaped units. Technical characteristics: the degree of mixing unevenness is s X≤1~5%. It is suitable for the medium and high viscosity liquid-liquid reaction, mixing and absorption process with viscosity ≤104 centipoise or the mixing and reaction process of producing high polymer fluid. The effect is better when the processing volume is large.

■ SH type static mixer

The unit is composed of double-channels, the spirals are placed in the channels, the orientation of the double-channels of adjacent units is misaligned by 90°, and there is a fluid redistribution chamber between the units. The technical characteristics are: dispersion degree: 1-2mm, liquid-liquid non-uniformity: s X≤1~5%. It is suitable for mixing, emulsification, color matching, injection spinning, heat transfer and other processes in fine processing, plastics, synthetic fibers, mineral treatment and other departments. It is especially suitable for cleaning media with low flow and high mixing requirements of medium and high viscosity (≤106 cps) Suitable for.

■ SL type static mixer

The unit is composed of a single X-shaped unit with crossed bars according to a certain rule. The technical characteristics are liquid-liquid, liquid-solid phase mixing, and the unevenness coefficient s X≤5%. It is suitable for the unit operation of heat exchanger, heating or cooling viscous products in chemical, petroleum, grease and other industries where the viscosity is ≤106 centipoise or the mixing of high polymer media is accompanied by heat transfer, mixing and heat transfer reaction.


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