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Pipeline flame arrester

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Pipeline flame arrester

2020-07-24 18:51:10
Pipeline flame arrester
Detailed introduction:

The flame arrestor is designed and manufactured using the principle of extinguishing due to heat loss when the flame passes through the narrow pores of the thermal conductor. The structure of the flame retardant layer of the flame arrester is gravel type, wire mesh type or corrugated type. Suitable for combustible gas pipelines, such as gasoline, kerosene, light diesel, benzene, toluene, crude oil and other oil storage and filling or torch systems, gas purification and generalization systems, gas analysis systems, coal mine gas emission systems, and heating furnace fuel gas pipeline networks , Can also be used in acetylene, oxygen, nitrogen, natural gas pipeline supplies. This valve can be used in conjunction with a breathing valve or used alone. This type of valve should generally be installed horizontally or vertically in the pipeline according to the working conditions.

Installation instructions for flame arrester

1. Remove all flange protective covers and discard all packaging materials.

2. Check the matching flange gasket on the surface of the valve seat. It must be clean, flat, scratch-free, corrosion-resistant, and tool marks.

3. Check the gasket; make sure the material is suitable for the application. [1] 

4. Lubricate all studs and nuts with a suitable thread lubricant. If the fasteners are high temperature or stainless steel materials use anti-grab compounds such as molybdenum disulfide.

5. Gasket inside the bolt ring.

6. Set the flame arrestor shell flange and pipeline flange to connect, pay attention to the position of the lifting handle and top nut of the flame arrester, so as to facilitate the removal of the flame arrester in the future.

Pipeline flame arrester

Main performance:

1. The explosion resistance performance is qualified, and the explosion resistance performance test can prevent fire every time for 13 consecutive times.

2. The burning resistance is qualified, and there is no tempering in the burning test for 1 hour.

3. The shell water pressure test is qualified. This product has a reasonable structure, light weight and corrosion resistance. Easy to check and repair, easy to install. The flame arrester core is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean.



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