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The use of wire mesh defogger and the comparison between the new standard and the original standard

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The use of wire mesh defogger and the comparison between the new standard and the original standard

2020-07-19 09:48:41

The wire mesh demister (demister) is used to separate the liquid droplets entrained by the gas in the tower to ensure the mass transfer efficiency, reduce the loss of valuable materials and improve the operation of the compressor behind the tower. Generally, wire is installed on the top of the tower. Net demister. It can effectively remove 3--5um droplets. If a demister is installed between the trays, it can not only ensure the mass transfer efficiency of the trays, but also reduce the plate spacing. Therefore, the wire mesh demister is mainly used for gas-liquid separation. It can also be an air filter for gas separation. In addition, the wire mesh can also be used as a buffer for various types of meters in the meter industry, and as an electronic shield to prevent radio wave interference. It has been widely used in the industrial production of chemical industry, petroleum, sulfuric acid, medicine, light industry, metallurgy, machinery and environmental protection. Can use domestic and imported high-quality materials: Q235, 304, 304L, 321, 316L, F46, NS-80, nickel wire, titanium wire and alloy materials.

Comparison of new standard and original standard for wire mesh defogger

1. Combine the original three standards into one standard for easy selection.

2. The diameter range and specifications of the demister have been adjusted, and the nominal diameter specifications are appropriate.

3. The wire type used by the demister is added, and the basic parameters of the wire mesh are given.

4. The material varieties of wire mesh and grille have been increased.

5. The process calculation content of the demister has been added.

The drawer type defoamer adopts HG and T21586-98 standards and is composed of several wire mesh defoaming elements, which are inserted into the tower body through guide rails. The characteristic of the defoamer is operation and maintenance. The defoaming element can be replaced outside the tower, which is suitable for the absorption tower and drying tower of the sulfuric acid plant.


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