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tower internals

What are tower internals?

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What are tower internals?

2020-07-17 18:38:46

Tower internals mainly include liquid distributor, packing fastening device (packed tower), packing support device (packed tower), collecting tank (plate tower), tray support device (plate tower), liquid redistributor and inlet and outlet materials Device, gas feed and distribution device and demister, etc.

Tower internals

Tower internals, chemical packing and tower body together constitute a complete packed tower, which is a component of the packed tower. The function of the tower internals is to make the gas and liquid in the tower have better contact, so as to make use of the production capacity and efficiency of the packed tower, so the design of the tower internals directly affects the operation and packing of the entire packed tower Performance play. In addition, in addition to the inherent factors of the packing itself, the "magnification effect" of the packed tower also has a great influence on it.

The tower internals mainly include the following parts:

1. Liquid distribution device

2. Packing compression device

3. Packing support device

4. Liquid collection and redistribution and feeding and discharging device

5. Gas feed and distribution device

Six, defoaming device


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