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Tower internals manufacturers introduce tower internals and packed towers

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Tower internals manufacturers introduce tower internals and packed towers

2020-07-17 18:33:30

The column internals include liquid distribution device, bed fixing device or bed compaction device, packing support device, liquid collection, redistribution and feeding device, and gas distribution device. A large-scale packed tower with good performance and the high performance of the packing itself are important, but matching tower internals, especially liquid distributors and gas distributors, are also crucial. Otherwise, the high performance of the packing cannot be fully utilized, especially for large-diameter, multi-sideline, shallow-bed towers, gas-liquid distribution is often the key to success or failure, and poor liquid distribution may reduce the performance of the packing by 50%-70% .

Compared with plate towers, packed towers are more sensitive to uneven liquid distribution. The distribution performance of the liquid in the packed column and the final packing performance depend to a large extent on the initial distribution of the liquid. Uneven distribution can lead to a decrease in packing efficiency, especially for low-pressure packing such as structured packing. Moreover, when the tower has a high packing layer height, high packing specific surface area and high packing efficiency, the negative effect of uneven liquid distribution is greater.

 tower internals manufacturers

The design of the liquid distributor of the packed tower directly affects the uniform distribution of the liquid. A good liquid distributor should have the advantages of evenly distributing liquid, large free cross-sectional area through which gas passes, low resistance, large operating flexibility, not easy to be blocked, not easy to cause fog entrainment and foaming, and easy to manufacture. At present, there are relatively many researches on initial distributors and redistributors of liquids, and they are relatively full and mature. Now it has developed a variety of forms, including pipe type, trough type, disc type, jet type and so on. The form of liquid flowing out of the distributor includes hole flow plastic, overflow type, spray type and so on. It can be selected according to the actual needs of the project.

The study of gas distribution in a packed column is far less thorough than the study of liquid distribution. The gas flow performance is much larger than that of the liquid. The lateral mixing rate of the gas phase is at least 3 times that of the liquid phase. The tortuous nature of the gas flow channel in the packing layer and the variability of its shape make the research more difficult. The distribution device of the gas entering the tower is not important for the small tower, because the gas is easily distributed evenly in the small tower. With the development of large porosity and low pressure drop packing, and the popularization and application of large-diameter, shallow-bed packing towers, the issue of gas distribution has received increasing attention. Uneven gas distribution will cause gas-liquid separation in the packing layer, which will seriously reduce the separation efficiency. For towers with a diameter greater than 3M, the gas distribution device must be considered. Once the gas is evenly distributed into the tower, the uniform distribution can always be maintained without the need to install a gas redistributor. 3 h8 S, g# a) n- j6 D

In addition to the gas and liquid distribution devices, the design of other tower internals cannot be ignored. If the packing fastening device is improperly designed and installed, the bed will change or even the packing will be lost; the packing support device is unreasonable, which will reduce the production capacity of the tower; when there is a problem with the liquid collection and redistribution and the feeding device, it will not only directly affect the gas and liquid The distribution will also affect the concentration distribution. In short, all the internal parts of the tower are for better contact between gas and liquid, so as to give play to the efficiency and production capacity of the packed tower.


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