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Tower internals manufacturers introduce the classification of chemical packing

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Tower internals manufacturers introduce the classification of chemical packing

2020-07-16 08:06:19

What are the chemical fillers? Chemical filler manufacturers mainly produce inorganic fillers and organic fillers

① Inorganic fillers Inorganic fillers are mainly granular fillers made by mining and processing natural minerals as raw materials, and a few fillers are made by processing. a. Silicon oxide and silicate. b. Carbonates and carbides. c. Sulfate and sulfide. d. Titanate. e. Oxides and hydroxides. f. Metals.

② Organic fillers Organic fillers are made of natural plants and animals and synthetic organic materials (such as regenerated cellulose, synthetic resin, etc.). Inert filler and active filler TL

①Inert filler is to grind natural ore with wet grinding and then dry or dry ground into powder for direct use.

②Reactive fillers Use coupling agent surface treatment to make the filler surface have a coating or natural minerals are calcined or both.

Microspherical (solid or hollow) fillers The main feature of microspherical fillers is that their lengths are approximately equal in any direction. a. Glass beads There are two types: solid beads (sink beads) and hollow beads (floating beads). b. Polymer beads are high molecular polymer beads made of organic compounds. Flaky, fibrous, needle-like filler OS

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①Scaly fillers are particles whose length in two directions is much longer than that in the third direction, and has a scaly shape.

②Whiskers are tiny fibrous single crystals made of metal oxides of silicon carbide, boron nitride, alumina, graphite or beryllium.

Glass powder and ground glass fiber fillers are made by grinding cullet or glass fiber. It is a filler for thermosetting and thermoplastic matrix, which can impart heat resistance and low shrinkage to products and improve mechanical properties.

Composite fillers are made by combining and modifying two or more fillers through special treatment methods using the characteristics of different fillers.

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