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Honghu Chengtao Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Honghu City, the land of fish and rice in the Jianghan Plain. It is adjacent to the world-famous Yangtze River on the left, the famous Honghu Lake on the right, Yueyang on the top, and Wuhan on the bottom. The water and land transportation is very convenient. The company is a professional company that provides various specifications of chemical packing, trays, tower internals, pressure vessels, oxidizers, distributors and other petrochemical equipment accessories for petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical and other enterprises.

The company has a standard factory building with a construction area of 9,800m2, 80 sets of imported and domestic professional machinery and equipment, and has advanced and complete quality testing equipment. There are more than 110 full-time employees, intermediate and senior engineering and technical personnel and economic management personnel. The company has more than 21 million yuan in fixed assets and an annual output value of 40 million yuan.

Since its establishment, the company has paid close attention to quality management. "Science and technology as the forerunner, honesty as the foundation, quality for progress, service for development" corporate spirit, actively cooperate with many colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and the Ministry of Chemical Industry, China Petrochemical Corporation and the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry. Many of the affiliated design institutes have long-term and stable cooperation and business contacts; respecting knowledge, respecting talents, actively exploring and promoting new products, the company has made considerable progress and rapid development in all aspects. Over the years, it has provided a large number of petrochemical professional equipment accessories for petrochemical systems, chemical systems, and hospital systems. Especially in recent years, relying on strong technical strength, for many years, we have successfully carried out technical transformations for energy saving and expansion of new and old equipment in China's petrochemical system. Design, manufacture, installation, and guidance of start-up services have been provided. The quality of production and product prices are all affected by users. Of praise.

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The company has its own proprietary technology and manufactures various tower internals based on the advanced technology design of Tianjin University, Shanghai East China Polytechnic University, Tsinghua University and Beijing University of Chemical Technology. It has a long-term cooperative relationship with many scientific research institutes across the country.

The company has strong technical design strength, complete production equipment, advanced management level, and established a management model based on ISO9001, and obtained ISO9001: 2000 standard quality system certification.

The company can provide users with one-stop service of experiment, process calculation, design, manufacturing, guidance installation and start-up. It has successfully applied in the industrial fields of oil refining, ethylene, air separation, fertilizer, light industry, coal chemical industry, fine chemical industry, hospital and metallurgy. Build and renovate towers for many companies. The maximum diameter of the tower exceeds 10M. And with "exquisite technology, reliable quality, reputation first, quality service" has won the praise of the majority of users. The company pays attention to absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad and attaches importance to technological innovation. We warmly welcome and invite domestic and foreign colleagues and friends from the design and research department to jointly develop new products that are safe, environmentally friendly and energy-saving to serve the society and benefit mankind.




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