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Honghu Chengtao Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd

Honghu Chengtao Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company that provides various specifications of packing, trays, tower internals, pressure vessels, oxidizers, distributors and other petrochemical equipment accessories for petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical and other enterprises. Located in the land of fish and rice in the Jianghan Plain-Honghu City. It is adjacent to the world-famous Yangtze River on the left, the famous Honghu Lake on the right, Yueyang on the top, and Wuhan on the bottom. The water and land transportation is very convenient.

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Main products: chemical packing, orifice corrugated packing, metal bulk packing, plastic bulk packing, stainless steel corrugated packing, wire mesh corrugated packing, ceramic structured packing, metal structured packing, tower internals, mesh demister, storage tank accessories, pipeline static mixer, liquid distributor, gas filter